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Updating to Betaflight 4.2 - A how-to

Updated: Jan 10

In this Blog, we are going to be covering how you update your FC (Flight Controller) to Betaflight 4.2.4

The first thing you need to do is back up the betalight config you have now.

Press Backup save .json file.

Now go to the cli tab and type in version. This will show you the target you are trying to update

( Make a note of this.)

Now type bl and hit enter. This will put it into Bootloader Mode. This is what mode you need it in for upgrading firmware. You most likely have a bootloader button on your FC too. You can hold that one down and plug in via usb to get Bootloader Mode too.

You now see that we are in DFU or Bootloader mode.

Now go to firmware flasher.

Select the target. (You made a note of this earlier.)

Click the next option down and select 4.2.4 or 4.2.6

Now load firmware.

And flash firmware.

Accept default settings – you must do this.

And now we are on Betaflight 4.2.4.

Now to configure.

Allow the recommended settings.

In the Set-up Tab

Back up settings first before changing any settings

Put your quadcopter on a level surface, then press “Calibrate Accelerometer”

Now hold the quad in your hand, and move it around. You should see the 3D model moves with the quad, make sure the movement is in the same direction

If the 3D model isn’t moving the same as your quad, it probably means your flight controller (FC) is installed facing the wrong direction (arrow on the FC is not pointing forward), but it can change the alignment when it is being updated . You can either rotate the FC until it’s right, or you can set YAW offset in the configuration tab, board sensor alignment, to fix it usually 90/180/270 degrees. Putting it into bootloader mode and removing the USB when powered also works as a hard reset style fix.

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