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The SmartWay to set up SmartAudio

Updated: Jan 10

This blog explains how to set up smart audio in Betaflight.

Go to the ports tab and select VTX in the peripherals tab. Select Smart Audio TBS.

Now enable expert mode.

Now go to the Video Transmitter Tab.

You will see on the right-hand side that there is a table. It should say device ready yes.

If it doesn’t don’t proceed. You can see here that it says NO on mine. Make sure your props are off, unplug and power on with quad with a lipo. Then plug back in and it should say yes. Also make sure your ports Tab is set up correctly and that the VTX is set up on the right peripherals tab.

Once that is done, you can load up the VTX table.

I have a CLI dump here you can use. The VTX I use is the Rush Tank Ultimate Plus.


VTX Table to enter in CLI. Or find the correct example using the link at the top of the VTX page.

vtxtable bands 5

vtxtable channels 8

vtxtable band 1 BOSCAM_A A FACTORY 5865 5845 5825 5805 5785 5765 5745 5725

vtxtable band 2 BOSCAM_B B FACTORY 5733 5752 5771 5790 5809 5828 5847 5866

vtxtable band 3 BOSCAM_E E FACTORY 5705 5685 5665 0 5885 5905 5925 0

vtxtable band 4 FATSHARK F FACTORY 5740 5760 5780 5800 5820 5840 5860 5880

vtxtable band 5 RACEBAND R FACTORY 5658 5695 5732 5769 5806 5843 5880 5917

vtxtable powerlevels 4

vtxtable powervalues 14 23 27 29

vtxtable powerlabels 25 200 500 800


The power levels should be set as well. If not you can do this manually.

Battery might need to be powered on.

This video helps with trouble shooting:

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