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Lipo Safety and How to Charge

Updated: Jan 25

Lipo’s are one of the riskier aspects when it comes to FPV. The lipo batteries we use are rather volatile and explosive when treated poorly, and charged incorrectly.

In this blog, we will show you how to charge lipo’s simply & safely to avoid any unwanted accidents.

First set up your charger, this will be different for everyone, as we all have different set ups. We use extension wires for XT60 and Balance Leads, this allows us to have some distance between the charging terminal and the lipo. Now get your lipo and visually inspect the battery does it look puffed or damaged? Leads not cut or XT60 melted? If so, stop now and don’t charge this pack. If it is ok, we first check internal resistance, it should be basically nothing, anything under 20ohms is ok it does increase over time, and usage. Now we can charge, you need to work out how many amps you are going to charge at.

To do this for a 1300 mah battery move the decimal point across 2 places to get 1.3 amps at 1C.

It is always the safest to charge at 1C, Batteries may be rated for a 3C charge but that is when things can go wrong.

You can charge at 2C or higher, but it does increase the risk.

We then set the battery type as 4S. (3.7 x4 = 14.8)

Amps at 1c so 1.3amps

And Press Start.

We like to charge in Battery Safes called BatSafe. These things are fireproof and will contain the fire, should it occur, they are also the best container for storage, when you are not using your batteries. We do urge our clients to get a BatSafe. It may just save your home or office.

You can buy a BatSafe Here:

Check out this website that shows the BatSafe in action.

What happens when you are done with or have broken your lipo’s?

Most hardware stores / recycling centres do have a place to recycle your old batteries, although you shouldn’t put them in the bin with a charge.

We tell our clients to use these lipo killers. This is a female XT60 that will draw all the remaining amps out of the battery is a slow and safe manor until there is absolutely no charge left. Also cut your leads off as they can be used again.

Get a Lipo Killer here:

We have now covered the basics of battery charging and management.

If you have any questions about Lipo safety please let us know in the comments section below.

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