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How to Wire up the DJI Airunit

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

This is going to be a really short blog post just quickly explaining how to wire and set up the DJI Airunit, to your custom quadcopter.

Here we have a diagram that shows you what wires go where.

This diagram is taken from the Airunits manual... always read the manual.

Remember to crossover the White and Grey (Tx & Rx) wires to set up the OSD.

If you aren't using the DJI Sbus receiver ( The DJI Controller) you don't need to worry about the the Brown or Yellow wires. Remove them.

If you are using 6s, use a regulator of a step down kind, so that you can get clean 2-4s power to the airunit. Don't put 6s Vbat to it.

Once you have wired the airunit up. plug it in and wait for the green light.

Then open up the DJI assistant 2 application (This can be found on DJIs website in the FPV section)

Plug your Usb from the airunit into the computer.

Activate your airunit and other DJI FPV items, there are a million helpful videos online about this.

Once the airunit has been activated, open up Betaflight.

Head to the Ports Tab.

Select the MSP configuration, Not Serial RX, for the Uart you soldered the OSD elements too.

Now you can set up your OSD. DJI Only accepts the basic options at the moment.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments section and we will help you out!

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