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How to Set Up TBS Crossfire & Nano Receivers

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

This blog explains the simple process on how to wire up your TBS Crossfire Nano and Nano Diversity Receivers.

In the packet you get the receiver, some wires, and maybe an Immortal T antenna, along with some heat shrink.

The first thing that you need to do is solder up the Nano device. Take 4 Wires out the packet. I would suggest taking a Red Wire for 5V, Black for Ground, and two other coloured wires for RX and TX.

Work your way across neatly soldering the wires to their retrospective pads.

Once that has been done, you will need to prepare the FC (Flight Controller).

You will need a spare UART (RX/TX)

You will also need to find another 5v and Ground. They will most likely be situated together, but be prepared to solder to different areas of the FC.

I can’t tell you what UART to solder to as all of your FC's will be different.

Make sure to cross over the RX to TX and TX to RX as this allows them to communicate. If you solder it up and it doesn’t work this would probably be why.

In Betaflight. We need to go to the Ports tab.

Look to see what Uart you have soldered it too. In this case it was Uart, which ever one you have soldered it too. ( In this case it was Uart 5 )

Select the serial RX tab slider on that Uart. Then Press Save.

Now go to the Config Tab.

Under the part that says Receiver you need to select Serial Based Receiver. And then CRSF in the second bay.

Also enable telemetry in other features. Don’t forget to then save this.

We now need to bind the nano and your radio.

Open up TBS Agent. (If you don’t have it download it here)

Power on your quad. ( Props off)

Connect your radio by USB into the agent. If this is your first time, we suggest updating the crossfire module to the latest firmware.

Click on your radio module in the agent. (Update it here if first time using it)

Click bind, you should now see a binding box come up. It should ask you if you want to update nano Rx. Say yes, it has now been bound and updated.

Now go to your crossfire module, or the radio menu settings. You now want to select “XF Micro (or your full-size module)/Nano RX “, scroll down to “Output Map “, and change “Output 1” to “CRSF TX “, “Output 2” to “CRSF RX “.

To check it is working go to the receiver tab and move the sticks you should see the model quad respond to your movements. If this is the wrong way round then try and change your channel map. You can do this manually or using the drop down.

Before you take off, move the sticks independently and you should see the quad move in the right directions, so you know your channel map is correct.

Now you are ready to fly.

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