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How to choose your 5" Frame?

Updated: Jan 25

In this blog, we are talking about frames. A FPV Frame is what holds your build together, it also dictates what the final build will fly and look like.

Firstly, we have the wheelbase of the frame which is the motor to opposite motor distance. You will be looking for around a 200-220mm wheelbase which for 5-inch propellers. You can get 6/7 Inch frames too but we recommend staying with the 5-inch size.

The second factor is Shape do you want True X which is lighter and has better stability on all axis due to the motor mounting pattern or a dead cat style frame which aids in not having props in view and allows for more room to mount more components. There are other shape frames out there, lots more, but for now I suggest you choose from either of those. We recommend the Project 399 Super G Frame as a good mix of these features.

The third factor is Unibody vs Separable frames. Don’t get a cheap Unibody frame, just don’t.

All up weight and arm thickness is also an important factor. The thicker the arms the heavier the quad. If you live somewhere where the AUW of 250G is an issue, choose thin arms around 2/3mm thick. If you live somewhere where all up weight isn’t an issue go with the thickest arms possible around 5mm to 6mm, or 8mm in the Super G's case.

Arm shape also helps, dead straight arms are more likely to break as they are having less support. So, when choosing a frame look at the arms and see how they would react to being crashed onto that arm, would it take the force or just snap?

Little things also make a big difference, especially if you don’t own a 3D printer or cutting drilling tools. Does it have 30x30 standoff holes, does it have a FPV camera mount? Does it have a VTX mount? What are the motor mounts like? Can you attach a Go Pro?

The last factor is cost.

Just cause its expensive, doesn’t mean it’s any good. Look yourself and determine is it really worth that extra £100. The Iflight Cidora SL5 Frame and the Astro X frame are good examples of this. For your first build get a reliable frame not an expensive one.

Remember the Frame this there to hold and protect your electronics, and to aid with styles of flying, get the one you need, don’t just buy a frame because your favourite pilot uses it.

Here are a few places we recommend getting your FPV frames from:

- Project 399

- Pirat Frames:

- Lumenier

Got any more frame suggestions?

Let us know what you think about frames in the comment section below!?

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