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First Thoughts on DJI HD FPV System

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

After we were flying analogue for 1 year, DJI released their HD system. At this point it is/was a hobby for us, and the entry price was fairly high at £809 for the goggles and 2 air units.

Link to the DJI System here:

So, after watching numerous reviews and saving up we finally gave in and bought the system. We first installed the system on our shendrones thicc build, but it gave us some trouble installing the BEC, which can be fixed with a capacitor for the correct voltage. At this time Mr. Steele released a video about the Iflight Nazgul 5 HD with the Caddx Vista saying it was the best HD bind and fly for a very low amount of money here in the UK.

Mr. Steeles Video:

We are normally against buying BNF quads but were tempted by this one to try out the Caddx Vista Unit. We also purchased some other modifications that we saw people do online such as the extra foam, True RC Stubby antennas and the Iflight Crystal Antenna. We also got a custom Fatstrap.

Our Full Goggle Set Up.

Our Fatstrap, you can get one here:

Once everything arrived, we made the initial modifications. And activated the Vista and Goggles. We also decided to carry on using our existing crossfire system, hence why we don’t have a remote.

We took the system up to our local private field where we can fly safely, and tried the system for the first time.

Our goggle set up, we wanted a compact set up for travelling, but we also bought a pelican case to protect the goggles, as we move quickly and across challenging terrain.

I have to say I am impressed with the system and its relatively low latency at 50mpbs. I like the range and penetration through obstacles of the system as well. It does put a smile on your face! But the price of the HD components makes risking one of these quads questionable. We were quite happy flying round a private airfield (with permissions) as there was no risk involved. We would definitely stop and think before sending it off a 300ft cliff into the deeps below, and for that we are going to be keeping analogue.

Here is a still image taken off the goggle feed. This quality is really impressive!

We also love the size of the Caddx Vista as it is small and can be mounted in all kinds of builds.

Such as the Nazgul 5 HD

Somethings I dislike.

I don’t like how hot the Caddx vista gets, the Airunit gets pretty warm too. I feel like they could have including a way to get some airflow around the electronics to aid with cooling.

The factory head strap feels thin and cheap. I upgraded to the Fatstrap DJI, with my own custom branding. Now it sits nicely on my head. The stock foam also has a ton of light leaks which means you either need to install shims or the DJI upgraded foam. Really don’t know why they don’t include both in the box. Even for more money.

In conclusion.

We would defiantly recommend the DJI System, for cinematic pilots and light freestyle pilots alike. But maybe not for bando bashers, as we don’t think it would take repeated crashes and not suffer some form of damage. With the air units also being sealed you need to get them opened up to see what broke? Kind of a disadvantage, but also offers protection.

It is amazing for exploring the world around you and for seeing where you are going in great detail. Yet you do not need this 24/7, some of the best FPV videos were shot on analogue and remember that analogue is much cheaper and therefore more expendable, this means that you are more likely to push it to get “that” shot. Analogue also has lower latency for that reactive flying, and over a greater distance. We’ve flown 2km on analogue and still had good video.

We love both systems and will be keeping both. We have 3 HD quads and 3 Analogue Quads.

If you want to pick up a DJI System you can get one here:

What do you think of the new HD system? Would you get V1 or the rumoured V2 if that comes out?

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