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Best Beginner DJI HD Quadcopter - Nazgul5 HD

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

If you are just starting FPV and are looking to buy your first 5 inch quadcopter, you may be confused by the choice on offer. A few years ago there was no such thing as a BNF (Bind or Fly) or PNP (Plug and Play) drones available to buy. Now the market is becoming saturated.

With so many manufactures offering ready to fly drones, which one should you buy? All drones we talk about in this blog are available as DJI Digital FPV and Analogue.

Before we talk about our personal favourite BNF/PNP drone. Here are a few worthy suggestions.

1. IFLIGHT Nazgul5

These drones are the best "cheap" drone on offer, they are tuned well and fly smoothly right out the box. We would and have recommended these drones to beginners, they are also durable and the parts that come inside are of a very good quality, such as the Xing Motors and Caddx FPV camera, perfect to transfer into your first build!

2. Diatone Roma F5

Again another solid offering, this one is made for DJI, but has quality parts with a full air unit included in the build to give you that extra range over the vista. We also like the custom 3D printed parts that hold this build together.

3. Rotor Riot CL1

Rotor Riot specialise in making it as simple and as enjoyable as possible to get started with your FPV journey. The CL1 embodies this, with its hard as nails frame, reliable yet good quality parts. Each quad is also test flown and tuned so you can take it out the box and rip! You can also get this one in HD.


We think the New Nazgul 5 HD is the best option available at the moment

We came from the original Nazgul5, so this was a major upgrade. With thicker and more durable arms, the frame was already better. It also has mounting holes for 20x20 and 30x30 stacks even in the rear! This allows the lightweight Caddx Vista ( manufactured by DJI) to be mounted in the rear.

See how the Caddx Vista mounts neatly in the rear.

The Quad comes with Iflights durable SucceX-E F4 Flight Controller and SucceX-E 45A 2-6S BLHeli_S 4-in-1 ESC, which is perfect with the Caddx Vista on the DJI Camera, which we are glad they used and not the Caddx Camera as that one needs work.

We added a Crossfire Nano to this quad, read our Crossfire Blog to learn how to add it to your Nazgul5 HD.

The Quad is pre tuned ! Bonus! The Tune is rather good for out of the box, I'm sure we can improve it over time. It comes in angle mode, good for beginners but can be frustrating if you don't know Betaflight and how to turn it off or know that exists.

We also really like the Neon Green Props and TPU they include to help protect the Carbon Fibre, and hold the antennas and Crossfire receiver in place. We have crashed it, into a muddy field and it does hold up and clean up well.

This Xing motors have lots of power and are perfectly suited to the quad both on 4s and 6s, no complaints there.

The Quad is designed to be as simple as possible to set up for the DJI system. Little knowledge is needed to get it up and running, which makes it perfect for beginners. There are lots of review videos on YouTube, so you can see the set up.

Nazgul5 HD Advert.

What we don't like.

There are very few things that we don't like about the Nazgul. But our main complaint is the antenna it comes with. Iflight have made their own albatross antennas for this DJI system, they are ok but not good enough for professional standards. The antenna for the Caddx Vista is the only way for it to communicate to your goggles and controller, since the vista has a single RP-SMA antenna.

As with all our quads we like to have very long antennas, that give you the best possible range, since we aren't aiming to crash doing tricks. We therefore don't need to worry about durability.

The albatross antenna if fairly short and there for not very flexible, it seems to have a fairly good range, but not as good as the True RC antennas on offer. Maybe add a true RC antenna to this bundle to make it the best possible start for beginners?

Here is our antenna on the Nazgul 5 HD.

See how the antenna bends up to give clearance away from the noisy interference of the quad, and aid in a clear line of sight.

We also think that the TPU Go Pro holder should be included in the box. Most people have the latest action camera now, if they are beginners likelihood is that they don't have one so the compatibility issues don't matter. I would rather pay £300 -£325 all in, with a solid antenna and Go Pro mount than have to pay £50 extra on top of the quad after you discover you don't have everything you need.

What do you think of the Nazgul 5 HD, do you like it or loath it? Let us know in the comments below.

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