How can we create these videos for you?

Hypercine is a new up and coming type of Cinematic FPV footage that immerses the viewer into the scene, with long flowing lines and smooth movement to aid your story telling and final production piece. Whether that is diving a mountain, following a new model of vehicle, or chasing the craziest extreme sport. Having us right over your shoulder, ensures that we can capture a unique perspective, that typical consumer drones just can’t do. Get in contact with us to discuss how we can make your thoughts a real FPV Hypercine Video



Our Clients & Company's That Have Featured Our Work & Drones.

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The Quads

At HyperQuads we use custom built FPV Quadcopters. These are capable of high speed flight and high degrees of agility. We mainly use the 5 Inch platform, as this is the best mix of all available characteristics. But we also have 85mm Cinewhoops that are available , these are perfect for flying round "Soft Targets" People. Or around valuable items such as cars and planes or indoors! We also have quads that we can use to fly long range and get those long flowing lines, perfectly encompassing the Hypercine look. 

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