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Commercial Drone Pilots for Hire. Specialists in Cinematic FPV & Virtual FPV Drone Tours.  Available all over the UK.

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How can we meet your aerial needs?

At HyperQuads we aim to use our FPV technology and experience to help you get the best shot possible. We can go slow and in the action with our Cinewhoop style quads, or we can go fast and far with our up to 100 mph custom-built racing quads. We can also do traditional drone media. You name the shot; we can fly it.

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Our Custom Built Supafly Juicemode V2

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Why do I need Hypercine over Normal Drone Footage?

Hypercine is a new up and coming type of Cinematic FPV footage that immerses the viewer into the scene, with long flowing lines and smooth movement to aid your story telling and final production piece. Whether that is diving a mountain, following a new model of vehicle, or chasing the craziest extreme sport. Having us right over your shoulder, ensures that we can capture a unique perspective, that typical consumer drones just can’t do. 

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If you would like a Custom Built FPV quadcopter, use the link below to contact us. We also have courses that teach you to build your own should you choose to do so. If you need technical support, please contact us and we will help you out as best we can, we don't charge for verbal support!

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The Money Stuff

Each clients needs are different, different drones and different cameras along with a separate post processing process. To discuss rates and fees, along with how to start working with us, use the link below to get to the contact form, and we will get in touch and start your hypercine journey from there.

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Our DJI FPV System

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Our Story So Far

HyperQuads is an up-and-coming FPV (First Person View) aerial filmmaking company whose work has been featured in a number of outlets and publications. We place an equal focus on the overall outcome of our work along with the safety and satisfaction of our clients involved.

We began our journey in photography at a young age and decided in 2017 to pursue it professionally. With a large interest in aviation, our owner, got involved with FPV drones in 2019 and decided to move the photography company’s focus to Hypercine as discipline of FPV.

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Our Custom Built 6" Hydrophobe Waterproof FPV Drone

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